Authorized by David White, Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta   |   |   © 2019 by anya316 Creative Studios.




• Free votes for MLAs and abolish party whips
• Give voters the right to recall their MLAs
• Allow citizens to initiate referendums and vetoes over legislation
• Give Albertans the right to elect their own Senators
• Cut MLA pay by 5%
• Ban partisan or political content in government advertising
• Ban political lobbying and advocacy by any taxpayer-funded entity
• Radically open up the Freedom of Information process


Cut Taxes:
• Reduce the income tax rate to 10%
• Reduce the large business tax rate to 10%
• Abolish the provincial small business tax
• Completely eliminate the carbon tax

Cut Spending:
• Abolish all corporate welfare subsidies
• Significantly cut wasteful spending
• Balance the province’s operating budget within one year
• Balance the province’s consolidated budget within four years
• Accomplish this by following the financial plan outlined in our Alternative Budget 2019/20

Fiscal Accountability:
• End Redford-era accounting and restore transparent accounting principles to the budget process
• Restore and enforce the Government Accountability Act
• Restore and enforce the Fiscal Responsibility Act
• Create an independent Legislative Budget Officer to provide impartial budget and economic projections
• Require the public disclosure of the government’s infrastructure priority list

End Corporate Welfare:
• Withdraw from federal supply management and allow Alberta dairy farmers to produce enough for Alberta’s needs
• Privatize government-owned businesses and crown corporations that compete with the private sector
• Privatize the province’s liquor and cannabis distribution system, including online sales
• Eliminate all trade, tariff, and non-tariff provincial trade barriers


Equality or Independence:
• Demand that Ottawa end equalization and other major wealth transfers out of Alberta
• Demand that Ottawa give Alberta the same rights as other provinces over immigration, tax collection, Employment    Insurance, Canada

Pension Plan, and justice
• If Ottawa rejects Alberta’s rightful demands for equality, Alberta will hold a referendum on independence

End Equalization:
• Demand that Ottawa end equalization and other wealth transfers out of Alberta
• Replace federal transfers with tax-points, keeping billions of dollars at home and allowing for Alberta to exercise its own control over health and social policy

Collect Our Own Taxes:
• Withdraw from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) to collect our own taxes
• In the event that the federal government allows Quebec to collect federal taxes, demand the same right for Alberta



Grades K-12:

• Equally fund all students at certified public, private & separate schools in Alberta and guarantee funding for homeschooling
• Pass a Parent’s Bill of Rights to guarantee choice and control over 
• Cancel the NDP’s new curriculum and replace it with measured learning targets allowing school boards to set their own curriculums.
• Respect the right of private educational institutions to practice their own religious or cultural beliefs without discrimination

Colleges and Universities:

• Revoke funding for institutions that do not protect freedoms of speech, association and assembly
• Make student union membership voluntary
• Allow post-secondary institutions to partner with K-12 schools to specialize In vocational training



Fair Employment Insurance:

• Replace federal EI with an Alberta Workers Insurance with lower premiums and greater flexibility for long-term unemployment and skills re-training
• Create individual AWI accounts allowing workers to collect benefits for longer periods so long as their account is funded
• If at the end of a worker’s career they have remaining funds, apply these funds to their retirement

Alberta Labour Corps:

• Create an Alberta Labour Corps guaranteeing work for all unemployed Albertans on public works projects
• Require all able-bodied adults receiving welfare to work in the Alberta Labour Corps to be eligible for benefits

A Competitive Workforce:

• Reduce immigration levels at times of high unemployment and increase them in times of low unemployment
• Repeal the NDP-UCP Bill 14 giving companies subsidies for meeting race and gender quotas
• Repeal the NDP’s Bill 6 attack on farmers
• End the Workers Compensation Board’s monopoly on workplace insurance, allowing for private insurance plans that meet the same standards
• Introduce scaled minimum wages for youth, new hires, trainees, and interns to combat unemployment

Union Reform:

• Restore the secret ballot for unions
• Make union membership and dues voluntary
• Require unions to provide full line-item budgets, audited financial statements and disclosure of political activities to their members



End the Carbon Tax:

• Repeal the general Carbon Tax supported by the NDP, and the industry Carbon Tax supported by the UCP
• Cancel oil production curtailment and supply management
• Join court action against the federal Carbon Tax

Pipelines and Production:

• Use every tool at our disposal to ensure pipelines are built, including cutting off energy exports to BC if required
• Abolish all caps on production and upgrading
• Reform the Energy Alberta Regulator to fix the application review and approval time frame delays
• Demand Ottawa sell the TransMountain pipeline back to the private sector
• Demand the repeal of Ottawa’s bill C-69 and BC tanker ban

Affordable Energy:

• Cancel the early closure of coal plants and allow them to remain open if they can meet reasonable environmental standards
• Restore a market-based pricing regime to the electricity industry that secures uninterrupted supply and smooths demand cycles
• End all government subsidies for future renewable energy projects that are not competitive with other sources of energy, and work to wind down current contracts where possible



Alberta Pension Plan:

• Replace the CPP with an Alberta Pension Plan with a transfer of current assets and liabilities from Ottawa
• An APP will create individualized accounts allowing widows and widowers to collect the full eligibility of pensions of deceased spouses as part of the estate
• Allow small business owners to divert up to 50% of their APP contributions towards investment in their own businesses
• Exempt Alberta TFSA and RRSP accounts from provincial taxes



Shorten Wait Times and Save Money:

• Allow private options for healthcare service provision to reduce cost and shorten wait times
• Reduce the number of Alberta Health Services (AHS) managers by one third
• Contract out non-core elements of the healthcare system, such as laundry services to reduce costs
• Expand the use of parallel, private health systems and insurance to reduce wait times
• Allow dentists to advertise and publish costs and reviews
• Treat drug addicts as healthcare patients, not criminals

Get Ottawa out of Healthcare:

• Demand the end of federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction over healthcare
• Replace federal health transfers with a tax point transfer to Alberta allowing Alberta to provide health services locally that are more efficient and higher quality than those currently managed by Ottawa


• Respect local autonomy by returning control to local municipalities from growth management boards
• Restore the right of appeal in the Municipal Government Act
• Cancel the NDP’s plan to allow municipalities to run budget deficits
• Respect and enforce the separate jurisdictions of provincial and municipal government
• Replace federal infrastructure transfers with a tax-point transfer to Alberta, allowing Alberta to provide infrastructure services locally that are more efficient and higher quality than those currently managed by Ottawa



An Alberta Constitution:

• Create an Alberta Charter of Rights and Responsibilities as part of a new Constitution of Alberta
• Enshrine free speech in the new Charter as our most supreme and inviolable right
• Enshrine property rights in the new Charter and amend any provincial laws necessary for compliance
• Enshrine the right to defend self and property in the new Charter

End the Nanny-State:

• Abolish predatory photo radar locations
• Amend the Human Rights Act to protect freedom of speech and end nuisance complaints
• Repeal the flavoured tobacco ban for any products not targeted towards minors
• Allow the riding of ATVs without a helmet and extend the Sikh motorcycle helmet exception to Albertans of all faiths
• Allow for the reasonable, limited and orderly consumption of alcohol in public spaces like parks

Fighting Drugs:

• Shift resources away from prosecuting drug users to catching and prosecuting drug traffickers
• Provide better access and funding for drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in correctional facilities
• Treat drug addicts as healthcare patients, not criminals

Firearms and Wildlife:

• Take control of the administration, application, and interpretation of the Firearms Act back from Ottawa
• Form an independent committee of the Legislature to appoint a Chief Firearms Officer for Alberta
• Instruct the Chief Firearms Officer to not enforce misclassified firearms restrictions
• Expand the Wilderness Carry Permit to allow hunters, hikers and mountain climbers to apply
• Allow for the strictly defensive shooting of grizzly bears for the purpose of protection of property and people, as is done with cougars.